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Burton Catalyst 2008: Learning from the enterprise.

Wow.  I would never have thought that my first post after IIW wouldn’t come until Catalyst.  I’ve been absolutely absorbed in my work helping angel investors with Angelsoft, as we’re releasing Version 3.0 of the platform on August 1st (and it is going to be SICK!).  Fortunately, I’ve got a little more time now that we’re out […]

Report on IIW 2008

There’s no place like home. When I walked in the door this morning after taking the red-eye back from Mountain View, my 6 month-old daughter squealed with delight, turned to her mom, and immediately forgot who I was again–stupid baby. There is also, however, no place like the Internet Identity Workshop. With its (un)conference format […]

Kim Cameron and the Philosophy of Privacy: (iCards, pt 5)

I’m currently trapped on the six-hour flight out west to join the rest of the Identity crowd at this year’s Internet Identity Workshop, so I thought I’d use the time to write my final post on the history of iCards. Fittingly, the subject of this post is the father (grandfather?) of iCards, Microsoft’s own Identity […]

Becoming an RP with the Pamela Project (pt. 2)

Okay. So when I last posted I was waiting for my SSL cert to get installed and I left to enjoy the rest of the day with my wife and daughter. Good choice, as there were still a fair number of obstacles ahead of me. When I returned from my walk, the superstars at Bluehost […]

Becoming an RP with the Pamela Project (pt. 1)

Boy, I must REALLY be insane. Below is picture of this BEAUTIFUL spring day here in NYC, my wife and baby are in the park playing, and I’m sitting on my balcony trying to install the Pamela Project on my blog. The odds are stacked against a glowing review, as iCards are still an emerging […]

Internet Identity Workshop May 12-14th in Mountainview

Just a note to remind everyone that IIW is just around the corner (1 week from Monday!). This is THE event for the Identity community and just about anyone who’s doing anything in the space will be there. If you are thinking about getting involved or want to understand why User-Centric Identity may be the […]

The History of Tomorrow’s Internet: Identity (iCards, pt 5)

Long time, no blog. The whole identity space has been busy with conference season, and I’ve taken the last two weeks to get to know my baby girl Fay again. I am officially back though. Whether that is good or bad is yet to be determined. What is definitely good though, is the topic of […]

The History of Tomorrow’s Internet: Identity (iCards, pt 4)

I just finished up my three part series on Microsoft’s CardSpace implementation of iCards, but one of the most important things to understand is that CardSpace is just ONE implementation of iCards. The specifications are completely open and in fact, have been implemented in an open source project simultaneously. That project is Higgins and I […]

The History of Tomorrow’s Internet: Identity (iCards, pt 3)

It’s been over a week since I last posted for a number of reasons, but one of them is because in this post I wanted to explain how it feels for a regular person to use Cardspace. This poses a few challenges as we’ve used Macs exclusively in my work with angel investors at  Angelsoft since we […]

Doc Searls, VRM, and the Redemption of Tomorrow’s Internet

I spent a couple of hours on the phone with Doc yesterday as he ran back and forth across the Harvard campus, where he’s currently a fellow at the Berkman Center. The conversation was as frenetic and wide-ranging as his movements (from his personal past, through VRM, to the meaning of the modern day Catholic […]

Drummond on XRI/XDI and OpenID

At the IDtrust Symposium in Maryland, Drummond just presented a paper about how the XRI/XDI support in OpenID can be used to avoid some of the more wicked hacks necessary for some of the richer functionality in the OpenID 2.0 spec.  The paper is an interesting read and now public here: For an overview […]

The History of Tomorrow’s Internet: Identity (iCards, pt 2)

In my last post I wrote about the 7 laws of identity. In this post, I’ll try to explain how Microsoft is implementing these laws through Cardspace. To begin with, we need to take a look at a diagram I posted back in the beginning of this series: As I explained in that post, three […]

The History of Tomorrow’s Internet: Identity (iCards, pt. 1)

In my OpenID report from SXSW I jumped to OpenID briefly, but I want to cover iCards before continuing down that road. iCards are the generic name (technically just for the client-side technology, but I’m using the term generically to refer to Cardspace and Higgins) for a couple of implementations of what has become known […]

SXSW Report: A Critical Look at OpenID

I’ve been intending to write about iCards next, but Paul and Kim have yet to get back to me. Since I just got out of the OpenID panel at SXSW, I’ll go ahead and cover the panel. Beware–This is going to be a long one. I actually made my way through the labyrinth that is […]

The History of Tomorrow’s Internet: Identity (iNames, pt.4)

The names of Ootao and Andy Dale come up a lot when you’re looking at the identity landscape, but if you look at either of their sites, it’s pretty hard to understand why. Further Andy Dale’s got a British accent, came to the Bay area from Israel, and pronounces his company’s name “Ew’ Dow”. Pretty […]

The History of Tomorrow’s Internet: Identity (iNames, pt. 3)

In my last post, I covered the history of iNames to demonstrate how hard it is to create internet-wide standards and how important it is for them to be absolutely open. In this post, I want to explain the business model behind iNames. I’m doing this for two reasons: 1. Finding business models for identity […]

Meeting at SXSW…

Hey all,I’m going to be at SXSW interactive Sunday through Tuesday this year. The company I manage ( is the software provider to about 12,000 angel investors around the world and on Friday we’re releasing a way for entrepreneurs to apply to an open deal space where our investors can pull deals from (in addition to applying […]

The History of Tomorrow’s Internet: Identity (iNames, pt. 2)

In my last post I wrote about some of the cool things about XRI/XDI. In this post I want to focus on the history of trying to make XRI/XDI an internet standard. I’m doing this because we’re going to have to do something on an internet-wide scale to solve the identity problem, and I want […]

Latest XDI RDF model…

Drummond pointed me to the latest XDI RDF model for those who’d like to go a little deeper. You can get it at: It’s very similar to the original concept, but more in line with current technology trends.

The History of Tomorrow’s Internet: Identity (iNames, pt. 1)

The first branch of the identity movement I want to write about is iNames. Your first introduction to iNames will probably come the first time you read a blog about identity or email someone in the identity community. The only way to contact them will often be through their iName, which looks like “=whatevericallmyself”. My […]