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Inside look at the Angel Funding Process

I posted the letter I sent to my team after my first angel investor meeting on SetJam’s corporate blog.  [Edit: Since that blog no longer exists, I’ve posted the content below:] All, So I thought I’d share the details of the funding meeting I had today–the good, the bad, and the ugly.  First some context. […]

The New TV Stack: How to Watch Internet TV on your TV Set

I’ve spent the weekend preparing a presentation for SetJam’s prospective investors.  One thing I’ve had to define was where SetJam fits into the “New TV Stack”, that is, the collection of technologies, products, and services that enable the New TV experience.  Since everyone I talk to seems a little confused about how all the various […]

New Media Hoop Dreams: The Smart Kids’ NBA

As the title of this post implies, I think “new media”, as most young entrepreneurs I meet view it, is an illusion.  They see it as a way to “get rich quick”.  Here at the RTV Incubator, we joke that in reality it’s a way to “get poor slowly”.  In the rest of this post, […]

SetJam is a tool, Clicker is a portal

About a week ago I had Brian Cohen from iFluence PR come in to talk about the “business previously known as PR” at one of the Free Lunch Friday’s I host at the RTV incubator.  After the meeting I sent him a few of the blog posts I’d written about SetJam to see if he […]

How to Beat Google at Search for $50,000 in 10 Easy Steps

Don’t you hate blog posts that have some stupidly audacious title like “How to Beat Google at Search for $50,000 in 10 Easy Steps” and then fail to deliver the goods? Well, get ready, because this isn’t going to be one of those posts.  SetJam is the world’s best search engine for online TV shows […]

Putting your life on the line for a 50% chance to fail

Last night we launched SetJam live in front of an audience of nearly 700 people at the New York Tech Meetup.  I thought I’d share the few days leading up to this event because I think it captures a lot of things about what it really means to be an entrepreneur. Last Wednesday, a week […]

Thank you TC for making my life just a little harder…

Dear TC, How much harder can my launch get? I’m launching the private beta of  SetJam on Wednesday morning, and left work last night FINALLY happy with how stable our system is. I even asked a couple of friends to take a look and bang on the system a little. Strangely, it was completely unstable […]

What to do when an $8 million gorilla launches 3 weeks before you

For those of you who haven’t been following this blog, in April I left my position as COO of after spending 4 years trying to meritocratize the early stage investment process.  I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but by June I had decided to build SetJam, the TV Guide for full-length TV […]

How to Train a 6 Year-Old to Hate Brands

In my last post about the “New TV”, I explained why big media is likely to get more advertising revenue from New TV than Old TV.  I also suggested, however, that ALL TV advertising is dealing with a fundamental change in the way we, as humans, perceive brands, and that this transformation is likely to […]

The New TV Pt. 3: Who gets the Advertising Dollars?

In my last post I talked about how direct payments by users for video content were being diverted from the MSOs to OTT companies and how this affects MSOs and the media companies.  Today, I’d like to address the other half of how video content gets paid for: Advertising. Let’s take a look at the […]

Why an OAuth iframe is a Great Idea

At SetJam we use OAuth to link to your Netflix account.  To simplify this process for the user, our head of UI suggested we just frame the whole OAuth experience and present it as a light box that swaps out the various elements as someone authenticates.  For those of you who understand what the above […]

The New TV pt. 2: Who gets the Subscription Dollars?

In my first post about understanding the Media Industry, I explained some basic terms (MSO, OTT) and explained who the media companies are and what they do.  Today I’d like to discuss who the likely winners and losers are as technology changes the industry.  To begin to answer this, I think it would be helpful […]

The Physics of Air Conditioners–Preventing bloodshed in the office

Ah… Summer time.  Long days, barbecues, and lazy afternoons by the pool.  AND raging office wars over the AC!  AC controls are one of the least understood of all User Interfaces.  This isn’t surprising, as they vary between cars, central units, and window units, and are at times intentionally misleading.  Let me step through a […]

I’m a total f**king idiot: a Facebook URL adventure

I’m a pretty smart guy.  I REALLY get the internet business.  I’m also a total f**king idiot.  I think this post will show how both of those characteristics play out to make my life really fun. Facebook plays an important part of SetJam so within a couple of weeks of starting development, I built our […]

The New TV, pt. 1–Understanding Old TV

Wow.  If you’d asked me when I left what the odds were I’d end up in the Media Industry, I would have said the chances approached 0.  I guess that’s part of the fun of being an entrepreneur!  Interestingly, in some ways, I’m right back in Identity as well.  Let me explain a little […]

Goodbye Angelsoft, Hello world

As many of you know, I left in early April.  I’m now the “Entrepreneur in Residence” at RTV and I’ve been tasked with finding the “next big thing”.  I have no idea what that is. I felt bad about stopping blogging.  I felt like I’d abandoned the Identity Community.  Comically enough, I had actually […]

Back from Summer: Angelsoft 3.0 Launches

Hey Identity Community.  Well, summer is finally over and I’m back in business.  I haven’t been slacking, but I stopped blogging for two reasons: Everyone seemed to be on vacation and it makes no sense to write to no one. I’ve been busy working on our 3.0 software release, which we just launched yesterday. So: […]

The Claim Broker (IP Explosion, pt 3)

In my last post I introduced the diagram below that identifies a larger “stack” of services that would be necessary for a full-fledged Identity Metasystem : I also indicated that whereas the lavender roles receive a lot of attention in the community, the other colors do not. In this post, I’d like to take a […]

The Road to Transactional Assurance (IP Explosion, pt 2)

In my last post, I wrote about how Bob Blakley’s two uses of the word “Relationship” in his presentation at Catalyst had got me thinking about two questions: What other relationships are missing from the Identity scene that might be inhibiting its development? What other information would be valuable in Bob’s “Relationship Data Object” besides […]

Bob Blakley’s Confusing Relationships (IP Explosion, pt 1)

Well, I’m on the flight home from Burton’s Catalyst conference. The conference was a good one, and as I wrote in my previous post, we have a lot to learn from enterprise identity. The most important thing about Catalyst however, is the priority Burton puts on relationships. Their consultants spend less time talking and more […]