The History of Tomorrow’s Internet: Identity (Intro, pt. 3)

Identity Matrix

As the diagram above indicates, I’ve broken down the Identity crowd into three groups: iCards, iNames, and Open ID. Let me just be explicit that I’ve chosen these groupings based partly on the relatedness of the technologies and partly on the relatedness of the people, but I don’t mean that they aren’t interoperable (in fact, they are). Also let me say that this chart is FAR from exhaustive. An exhaustive list would be exhausting though, so I’m just displaying the three most advanced internet Identity systems and the most public constituents behind them. In the next few posts, I’ll unpack each of these camps and finish with an overview of some of the major players that don’t really fit in any of them.

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  • Ferenc Szalai

    I know it is usually boring if someone ask ‘why x or y missing from the picture?’ because there is always x or y which is missing from the overviews. But let me join this group and ask you why SAML/Liberty Alliance and related technologies are missing? In my mind they are sitting in the 4th column in the picture.

  • drstarcat

    I fully agree Ferenc. I’d also include Shibboleth and Sxip among others if the image was going to be exhaustive. And I am going to mention all of these in the “Other” category I promised to end with.

    If you know someone from the SAML or Liberty Alliance communities I should talk to though, let me know.

  • Paul

    Hi, I’m from the SAML & Liberty communities :-)

    I’d place SAML & Shib together.

    And Sxip (the protocol) is dead is it not?


  • drstarcat

    Hey Paul, I’ve had ConnectID on my feeds for a couple of months. I don’t see any contact information there, so if you’d like to chat about SAML, Liberty, and Shib, drop me a note at