Goodbye Angelsoft, Hello world

Madison Square ParkAs many of you know, I left in early April.  I’m now the “Entrepreneur in Residence” at RTV and I’ve been tasked with finding the “next big thing”.  I have no idea what that is.

I felt bad about stopping blogging.  I felt like I’d abandoned the Identity Community.  Comically enough, I had actually just done an interview with Paul Madsen right before stopping (the last person I’d want to offend is the Magpie of Identity–150 posts this year alone!)  I felt bad though because of all the groups I’ve been involved with, I REALLY like identity folk, probably because they are doing the right thing.

I lost interest in Identity because the business I wanted to create (that would have given a very real reason to dedicate resources to the identity problem) just isn’t possible because identity Claim Consumers don’t value Identity Claims as much as Claim Holders do (btw… I’m still waiting for some discussion about this post!)  I’ve built technologies for markets that don’t exist WAY too many times before to do that again, so I decided to take a break and dedicate myself to taking Angelsoft to the next level.

As I look to build something new, I continue to run up against the issues of reputation and identity.  I’m looking for an excuse to attend IIW this spring, so I’d love to hear about any exciting new developments–identity, personal, or otherwise. Let me know.

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  • David S. Rose

    There's no question in my mind that identity and reputation will be absolutely critical in the financial world (aka "Angelsoft" :-) as we move forward. The problem, however is that people don't quite realize it yet. But I'm keeping the faith…

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