The History of Tomorrow’s Internet: Introduction

Over the past couple of months I’ve been relatively immersed (relatively only because I work full-time building a company and have a 3-month old daughter) in understanding some of the trends that are coming together to define the next generation of the internet. I didn’t start out with the goal of understanding trends. I started by getting serious about a simple product I’d been toying with for over a year now: a piece of software that gets to know who you are and brings you digital assets of interest. What I discovered instead of a simple product was a web of organizations, people, protocols, and companies that, though all operating independently of each other, had to be implemented and working together before that simple product or the big business I saw emerging from it could ever become a reality.

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to blog about each of these trends: Identity, Data Portability, Recommendation Engines, and the Attention Economy. I’ll outline how some of the organizations, people, protocols, and companies are connected, discuss some of their history, and finish by showing how they come together to create a new kind of internet.

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