New Beginnings…

For someone who’s spent the last three years building a company that connects entrepreneurs and angel investors, I’ve been remarkably out of what’s been happening in boom 2.0. This is partly because I’ve been busy building a company (and a marriage… and a home… and a daughter), but I think it’s deeper than that. From the beginning, I’ve been highly skeptical of web 2.0. The reasons are no doubt many (A few: The value of social apps grew out of the campus scene I had long since left; I’ve been through a boom and bust and so am much more skeptical; I haven’t ever had a big success as an entrepreneur and don’t want to hear about others who are less experienced than I am succeeding; much of the software is targeted and adored by a small and insular community of technology enthusiasts.) Regardless of the reasons (or their legitimacy), since I’m looking for the next big thing, I’ve had to figure out what’s been happening while I’ve been busy with other things.As part of this reawakening, I prepared a presentation for Josh Kopelman of First Round Capital about the future of the internet to get a sense of whether I was on the right track or not. Josh (very generously) listened to this presentation, in spite of the fact that he clearly understands all of this better than anyone and was really looking for a business proposal (which I intended to give him, but my best ideas just weren’t good enough yet–sorry!) Since I went through all this work anyway and since I’m trying to be a little more public, I thought I’d share these ideas with the communities they are about. Just because Josh understands all of this stuff doesn’t mean that other old-timers like me (and maybe even some kids) won’t find this valuable.

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  • Mike Reynolds

    Thanks Ryan. You hit on all my favorite topics: “Identity, Data Portability, Recommendation Engines, and the Attention Economy”.

    I’m a co-founder of and have an interest in Recommendation Engines on multiple levels. We certainly welcome those with experience such as your to help us move forward on this broad but important topic.

    Please let me know how I can help you get more involved. I’m sure you already know a number of the folks involved.