Meeting at SXSW…

Hey all,I’m going to be at SXSW interactive Sunday through Tuesday this year. The company I manage ( is the software provider to about 12,000 angel investors around the world and on Friday we’re releasing a way for entrepreneurs to apply to an open deal space where our investors can pull deals from (in addition to applying directly through the group’s website, which is the only way it works now). This is the first time entrepreneurs will be dealing directly with us, so we thought it would be worth the trip.If anyone is going to be there and would like to meet to discuss Identity, DP, Recommendation Engines, or the Attention Economy, I’d be happy to do so. I also manage a small angel fund and am always looking for good deals in this space to invest in. You can reach me at =rj to set something up.

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  • Dean Frazier

    Great! Today’s the release date for this new capability, correct? How do we access this?


  • drstarcat

    Hey Dean,
    It went up last night. You can check it out at