About Me

rj.jpg This blog is written and maintained by Ryan Janssen. I guess my journey can be seen as a slow progression (regression?) from a highly idealized world-view to a rigorously empirical one. I got into an evangelical brand of Christianity when I was in middle school and went to an evangelical college (Wheaton College) in 1990 where I rather quickly found the Christian belief system impossible to maintain. I became a philosophy major and in 1994 started a Ph.D. program in Philosophy at SUNY-Stony Brook where I focused on the study of social power structures.

I dropped out of graduate school over 10 years ago, but I’ve continued to study “social power structures” everyday since by grappling with the most powerful social structure I could find – American Business.  I’ve started four companies since I left academia, ranging from publishing to mobile application development, but I’m most proud of my last four years as COO at Angelsoft.net, where I used my hard-won skills in operations, sales, marketing, and product development to help meritocratize one of the most stratified social power structures around–early-stage equity financing.

In April I took a position as the Entrepreneur in Residence at Rose Tech Ventures and I’ve started a new company called SetJam.  I’ve got two goals:

  1. To build a “rational economic sanctuary”–a place where smart people can do what they are best at in the service of something they care about without having to worry about the day-to-day vicissitudes of the economic forces that surround us all.
  2. To make online TV easy enough for my Mom to use.
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